Recording and performing,


Princess Diana of Wales / Thomas Bush split cassette

Past performances.

23.11.24 Thomas Bush, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf Mini Music Department
23.05.19 Thomas Bush, with JJULIUS and Lesley, Oceanen, Gothenburg
23.04.15 O Tannenbaum, Hermannstraße, Berlin
23.04.14 BASIS elbestraße 10, Frankfurt
23.03.02 Ideal Bar, Copenhagen, w/ Laila Sakini
22.07.10 Cafe OTO, London with Enchante and Princess Diana of Wales
22.06.05 Loose Trax at MOT, London
21.11.21 Meakusma at Arkaoda, Berlin with bassæ and others
21.08.31 Gothenburg with Jenny Högström and People Skills
19.10.24 Fasching, Stockholm with Carla dal Forno
19.07.06 Bruits de la Passion Zone Disco Autonome with many
19.06.22 Arkaoda, Berlin
19.06.26 New River Studios, London, Low Company birthday with many

Radio and mixes etc

Radio broadcast for Doing Time
Radio broadcast for Music to ease your disease