Things of note 2024

28.06.24 Da Vinci’s, Malmö
25.05.24 La plage, Marseille
24.05.24 Le Salon Colombain, Champagny
23.05.24 Instants Chavirés, Paris w/ Lise Barkas & John T. Gast
22.05.24 Theater Tinnepot, Gent w/ Rimov Rimov & Kevin Dodie
17.04.24 Section80bar, Milan
06.04.24 Retreat Outlet, Hypnos, Malmö, w/ John T. Gast

Merula Hour for A Colorful Storm (NTS)
Mixture for Jouko (Inner Overtones, Mutant Radio)


Thomas Bush
The Next 60 Years
out now on Jolly Discs