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Alex Sturrock Boxers

Large format images of boxers past and present in London, with accompanying tales.
Published by Ally Capellino, 2012

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L-v-L & Chan K.W.C. ’92

Script for one of the lost greats of the golden age of international TV drama.
Published by Landfill Editions, 2012

Downloadable pdf version here.

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Lap-See Lam, Karin Bähler Lavér & L-v-L Like the 8 Immortals

Book accompanying the exhibition at L’Ascensore, Palermo, June 2017.
The book contains letters between 8 members of a family lineage which originates in Meixian, northern Guangdong Province, China in 1952, and draws itself through space and time to Hong Kong, California, Sicily, Sweden, Sierra Leone, returning to Hong Kong in 2181.

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Mahler & LeWitt Studios annuals

Work and writing is compiled following each annual residency cycle.

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Monacopolis edited by Nathalie Giordano Rosticher

A monumental survey of the architecture—past, present and future(s)—of Monaco.
Published by NMNM, Monaco, 2013
With Åbäke

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Ramsès Younan La Vocation du Silence

A loose monograph on the Egyptian painter, edited by Jean Colombain. Forthcoming.

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Shaun McDowell The Tangled Grove

Documenting McDowell’s series of sculptures exhibited at Brickhouse Incarnation 6, London. Sculptures are all to scale, with accompanying ruler. Each individual cover is a rubbing taken direct from one of the sculptures.
Published by Brickhouse, 2011

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Guy Gormley Vigil

A long walk into the night. Edition of 400, offset w/ screenprinted details.
Published by Guy Robertson, 2012