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DJ City Cap Cerbère / Teenage Sexdrive

Released by Born Free, Sweden, 2018

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Karin Bähler Lavér & Thomas Bush Fermentation as Method

Small book to accompany a workshop at the Imagine2020 SummerLab 2014.
Outlines the basic processes at work in most fermented food/drink, and how we can apply them as stimuli for thinking and acting.

Freely available to download here.

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Guy Gormley Jack Follow

Artist’s book containing three series of photographs taken in the Shetland Islands.
Edition of 20. Published by Guy Robertson, 2011

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John T. Gast Excerpts

As Citrus & Musk. Released by Planet Mu, UK, 2014.

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John T. Gast Exile

As Citrus & Musk. Cassette released by Men Scryfa, UK, 2013.

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John T. Gast Inna Babalon

As Citrus & Musk. Cassette released by 5 Gate Temple, UK, 2016. Vinyl released by Haunter Records, Italy, 2017

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L-v-L & Chan K.W.C. ’92

Script for one of the lost greats of the golden age of international TV drama.
Published by Landfill Editions, 2012

Downloadable pdf version here.

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K.W.C. 92 Dream of the Walled City OST

Soundtrack by Maxxxbass and Samo DJ for the L-v-L work of the same name.
Released by L.I.E.S., USA, 2013
See also : K.W.C. 92